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About This Website

Mobile Phone Nation makes it possible for anyone trying to get top dollar for their smart phone to post their phone on this website and gain nationwide exposure.  Many times it is difficult to find a buyer for your phone in your local area, but posting it for sale on Mobile Phone Nation will give it national exposure and will make it easier for you to find the right buyer for your phone!

Mobile Phone Nation also makes it possible for anyone to trade their smart phone for other electronics, such as iPads, tablets, game consoles, other brand phones, or even other valuables if the other person happens to live in your area.  You can trade your smart phone for almost anything!

If you’re looking to buy a smart phone:

  1. Click on “Find A Phone” from the menu bar above.
  2. Perform a search by either location, brand & model, or both.  If you want to trade another item for a phone, it is better to find someone in your local market so that you can meet the other party in person and view the other item in person.
  3. Once you find the phone you want, upgrade your subscription to a paid subscription so you can view the Seller’s contact information.
  4. You can contact as many Seller’s as you wish to try to negotiate the price or trade.  It is always best to find a Seller in your local area so you can view the item in person before handing over payment.  However, if the phone you want to buy is being sold from out of your area, you can negotiate the shipping cost.

If you’re selling a smart phone:

  1. Click on “List A Phone” from the menu bar above.
  2. Create a Seller’s Account
  3. On the “List Your Phone” page, enter as much data as possible pertaining to your phone.  Make sure your contact information is correct since that is the information buyers will be contacting you thru.  On this page you can also indicate if you are willing to make a trade and also discuss shipping options.
  4. Be aware that all listings are only active for 90 days, after which they will expire and will no longer show up on this website.  This is to ensure buyers are not looking at old listings that might no longer be for sale.  However, if your listing expires and you want to make it active again, simply Log In with your Seller’s account and click on the “Re-Activate A Listing” button.

Want to make changes to your listing?

  1. Click on “Member Login” from the menu bar above.
  2. Login with your Seller’s Account.
  3. Click on “Edit A Listing” and choose the listing you want to edit.